The Brazzano vineyard

This has an overall area of around 6 hectares of which 4 are planted out with vines. One part of this land has belonged to the family since way back (four generations) and has been used to grow grapes since as early as the 1700’s. Another plot adjacent to the first was bought more recently at the end of the ‘60s by Giuseppe, father of Nicola who is the current proprietor. The company headquarters is located in a tiny old hamlet building which houses the offices and the cellars.

The Ca’ delle Vallade vineyard

This land, bought between 1987 and 1989, has an overall area of around 5 hectares, half of which is planted with vines. It is south-east facing and gets a lot of sun, but is situated in the coldest area of the Collio due to it being lashed by cold northeasterly winds. The hill itself is set back from the first line of hillsides that rise up from the plain, and which run from the Colle di San Giorgio to Monte Quarin and follow a line south-east until they reach Gorizia. The poor, acidic soils mean that the upper levels are not really fit for cultivation. When the land was acquired ... read more ...

The Ruttars vineyard

This has a total area of around 5 hectares, half of which is planted out to vines. It was bought in 1989, has a south-east aspect and is rather cool. It is typical Collio terrain with outcroppings of limestone. It is particularly suited to aromatic white grapes, bringing full expression to their scents and aromas and confers the wines with powerful flavours ... read more ...