The Ruttars vineyard

This has a total area of around 5 hectares, half of which is  planted out to vines. It was bought in 1989, has a south-east aspect and is rather cool. It is typical Collio terrain with outcroppings of limestone. It is particularly suited to aromatic white grapes, bringing full expression to their scents and aromas and confers the wines with powerful flavours. Local wines take on great character but at the expense of refinement and complexity. The Tocai grown here lends itself perfectly to blending with other wines where its exuberant character is tempered by the mixing with other varieties. This vineyard is currently being revamped. Since 1990 we have been looking into developing an original, highly aromatic wine with great personality which lends itself to traditional Mediterranean cookery – a wine with warm, complex aromas and a strong, original personality.

The study started out with separate vinification of the varieties present, then moving on to a double or twinned vinification in possible combinations of 50% per variety. After an initial screening, we began to concentrate on wines containing Tocai, Sauvignon and Riesling Renano, in that they are more interesting for tastings. We went on to refine our winemaking techniques and to nail down the percentages of the various varieties destined for blending. Currently we are making “Collio” and “Studio di Bianco” from this vineyard, the latter’s name being chosen to allow us to offer the finest selections which have resulted from our winemaking experiments in the programme above to a small number of keen enthusiasts.